meet cece & wesley

A dynamic friend duo who value a good laugh, a great glass of wine, and quality in all things. Wesley and Cece met five years ago while working in side by side cubicles at a hotel in Aspen, Colorado. They were both working in the reservations department which was a stressful corporate situation and the two found it easier to face the stress together. They became friends effortlessly. After a couple years they realized they wanted to create a business doing what they love most - making people smile. And with their creativity, experience, and drive for quality, they created this custom gifting studio. And as it turns out, they have a gift for gifting.


about bundles

Bundles Gift Co. is the answer to all of your gifting needs. We are a flexible company that strives to bring your gifting vision to life. Our mission is simple, we want to curate beautiful gifts for our clients. Whether you are welcoming your guests to your destination wedding, congratulating a job well done within your company, or looking for a new gift for those recurring occasions, we are here for you! We take a close look at all of the details and present ideas for completely custom gifts. Having a beautiful gift shows that you care, and in the end, we believe that a little care goes a long way. 



our clients

Whether you are the type with a big vision or a big DIYer, you are in the right spot! You might even be a superstar event planner but your time would be better spent with your clients rather than in an assembly line of tissue stuffing and bow tying. Maybe you just need one or two items…

We are here for you!



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